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How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You Find The Right Talent

From a management point of view, having the right people working under your wing could mean more than having an extra pair of hands that helps the company run its business. Many hiring managers see new hires as part of a puzzle that complements the existing work culture and team dynamics. In some cases, good hires are also able to bring the company to new heights with new perspectives and experience outside the industry that could inspire the whole team. In short, the right talents can spark motivation and be a driving force that supports the mission and vision of the company. Hence, this explains why most hiring managers tend to be very selective during the hiring process.

No doubt, finding the right talent to work for your organization can be quite a challenge. As a long-serving recruitment agency in Malaysia, we have seen great positions remain unfilled for up to months. We see this impacting the efficiency of the whole hiring employer.

As of now, the challenge of filling vacancies became more apparent due to a Covid-19 struck economy that has hit Malaysia and the rest of the world

In spite of the Malaysian economy showing signs of recovery since June, many employers still have issues in finding the right talents. There look to be two emerging factors to explain this:  

  • A spike in demand for labour due to the reopening of Malaysia’s economy
  • Most skilled labour needed by employers comprising of passive candidates who are not actively looking to move jobs

Since the reopening of the economy last June, there has been a spike in strong competition with a rise in demand for talent industries such as information technology, banking, technology development, sales & marketing and logistics in Malaysia. This means that hiring organizations will spend more resources and time to secure the best candidates to stay for the long term. 

The current economic downturn has led passive candidates to be more cautious when looking for jobs. More people are opting for job security instead of money. For currently employed applicants to commit to a new job, employers would need to offer job security and a good enough salary raise to account for this job risk that candidates will have to take. 

Due to these two such factors, client employers are looking towards using services from recruitment agencies such as BGC Malaysia to help them secure talents during hard times, like the present.

Executive Search 

Executive search and headhunting in Malaysia

In simple words, an executive is someone who would have supervisory authority in said organisations. 

An executive-level position has always been some of the most challenging roles to fill because it requires driven candidates who are able to lead organisational change and manage teams to succeed. Niche roles in cybersecurity like CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer) or CTOs (Chief Technology Officer) for instance, are often found through an executive search agency.  Executive titles are influential roles that directly affect business goals and performance, employers will need to invest a lot more time and effort in headhunting passive talent who are rarely available from your usual job portal applicants pool. The best executive-level talents are usually referred into an organisation or headhunted.  

Finding the right candidates to fill in C level and managerial positions can be risky at times. Because the person in the position itself plays a pivotal role in deciding the direction of the organization. Aside from that, good C-level executives and managers will also be the driving force that leads the team to achieve their objectives.

A good hiring agency will ensure that the candidates suggested for these positions have a solid foundation of soft skills such as leadership, management, and dedication to ensure that such positions are filled by the right people.

Passive candidates

Specialised roles that require industry expertise

Malaysia is experiencing a spike in demands for skilled professionals in fields such as information technology, technology development and banking. These fields usually look for candidates with mastery in a skill set such as programming languages, coding literacy and data processing. These skills are usually targeted and may vary depending on the organization. For example, there are easily about dozens of programming languages and easily a dozen more frameworks to run these languages on. Finding candidates who meet the checkboxes on your requirements can be quite a challenge since most candidates that fall under this category are not active job seekers looking to move jobs that they are comfortable within this economic climate.

Employers are relying on IT recruitment specialists to source for these candidates. At BGC Malaysia, our IT recruiters in Malaysia are capable of connecting employers with our network of IT professionals that we have personally screened and qualified. 

Mass hiring

Recruitment and contract staffing 

Employers are currently hiring contract candidates as an effort to answer the current situation that Malaysia is facing. However, many employers are having difficulty filling up the headcounts because they do not have access to a talent pool that is big enough to find candidates that are looking for temporary placement.

Many employers depend on a trustworthy recruitment agency to source and recruit the best candidates. At BGC Malaysia, our experienced search specialists are fully capable of recognizing suitable talent for you. We’re the best when it comes to matching the right candidates to the right job. Our methods go beyond a rigorous resume screening by looking for the right candidate with the right experience, skills, and qualifications. We also consider innate traits like personality, drive, and organisational fit in our consideration process.

As a recruitment agency that provides manpower like BGC Malaysia, we have our own pool of candidates that can be accessed anytime. Our recruiters will ensure that resumes that were sent over to employers contain the most relevant candidates for the right position. Learn more about the talents we can provide here

Are you looking for a recruitment agency in KL to help you source for the right talent to fill vacancies in your company? Fill in your details here! Our recruiters can help find the right piece of the puzzle to place in your company.