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We are strong in Recruitment and Workforce Management since 2011.

We Care Quality

We take matching seriously as we wants to ensures they grow with you, contributing to your overall success as a business

Armed with recruitment experience since 2011, our belief in recruitment stays with selecting the right people for our Clients with our core strength in recruitment.

Get in touch for a best-fit recruitment outsourcing solution, tailored for your business’ needs in Singapore.

We Care When

When you need to find the manpower for your project or immediately. When you need people with niche skill sets. When you need additional cover for a busy period.

Meeting the “when” you need for manpower matters the most to us. Business can now hire and meet your exact capacity at any given time or period, in pursuit for flexibility and scalability. We call it the co-employment.

Get in touch for a best-fit recruitment outsourcing solution, tailored for your business’ needs in Malaysia.

We Care For You

Place your employee with us – we becomes the contractual employer that takes care all the regulatory requirements and staff needs in Singapore, while the staff remains under your companies supervisory management for work related matters.

We all know that payroll processing is a tediously painful process for HRs everywhere.

Why not consider outsourcing this? We have confidently taken great care of highly skilled employees for countless of our happy MNC clients in Malaysia and as one of Malaysia’s top HR outsourcing recruitment agency in KL for the various sectors.

Get in touch with us for HR Administrative & Payroll solutions tailored to your Malaysia team’s specific needs!

We Care to The Goal

At BGC, we offers Manpower Operations Management services that cater to business processes relating to workforce management. We do not just hire but we extend scope in managing the employees’ scheduling, deployment, training and all their employment administrative matters, customized to fit the needs of our Clients.

Get in touch with us to find out more on how it works!

We Care Global

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organisation that assumes the legal responsibilities of employing and managing workers on behalf of other companies. A company can engage an Employer of Record (EOR) under a service contract to handle payroll, HR, benefits, administration, and compliance to employees in exchange for a monthly fee. While an Employer of Record (EOR) supports the company’s workers and provides them with an employment contract, the company is ultimately responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks of its workers.

“Before finding BGC we were struggling to find good designers. With their service, we now have a dedicated team of designers that creates all our page designs, and the cost is very affordable."
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Co-Founder + CEO, Policygenius

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