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How A Recruitment Agency In Malaysia Can Help Plan Your Business

Much like cogs in the wheel, employees of every organisation, no matter how minor,  each play an essential role in the entire operation of the business.  In most cases, a mishap from a gear can greatly affect how operations are conducted. In simple words, your employees can make or break an organization. Hence, many hiring managers are beginning to see the whole recruitment process in a new light and beginning to realise the importance of having a well thought out recruitment process as part of their business continuity plan. 

Aside from that, having a recruitment plan also enables businesses to stay relevant and competitive in the hiring environment. The current hiring climate in Malaysia is extremely competitive and brutal. Despite numerous efforts and planning, many hiring managers are finding it difficult to effectively implement long-term solutions to hiring problems. One of the most notable issues that hiring managers have yet to solve at the moment is the spike of demand for talent in Malaysia which has caused many companies to compete in sourcing for the right talent. 

The fight for talents

While the Malaysian economy is showing signs of recovery since June of 2020, many businesses are having difficulties sourcing and securing talents. With the economic sectors opening up, many businesses such as e-commerce, call centres and banking are required to hire in massive amounts in order to adapt to the changes brought forward by the economic recovery. 

In the IT sector, we observe that hiring managers in Malaysia are finding it difficult to attract and retain tech professionals. In a market-driven by technology and IT, tech talents are now one of the most sought after talents in the market. Hiring managers are called on to be more aggressive, creative and dedicated throughout the recruitment process, sparking the competition in the current hiring market in Malaysia.

As of now, many businesses are still struggling to come up with an effective recruitment plan that could effectively solve the hiring issues that their business is facing. 

As a recruitment agency that has been operating in Malaysia for over 10 years, we can tell you how a recruitment agency can help your business strive by devising a recruitment plan that can help businesses in Malaysia to continue their operations.

How a recruitment agency can help businesses in Malaysia continue their operations through a recruitment plan.

Hiring new recruits from a different industry or without similar experience at the moment is a risky move that many businesses are afraid to make at the moment. Smart business owners would seek consultations from a recruitment agency to understand the hiring landscape when making a recruitment plan. 

Here’s what a recruitment agency can do to help you: 

Help Identify recruitment needs and skill gaps.

A well thought of recruitment plan should be able to identify the future prospects of a hiring need in an organization. It must be able to estimate what skills are essential for the business to move forward and provide solutions in time. Recruiters can help hiring managers to foresee the potential hiring climate through their experience of being a recruitment specialist and advise managers on which talents they should prioritize sourcing first to avoid the competition.

Provide detailed market analysis, data and hiring insights.

A recruitment agency has access to a large pool of candidate data in their network. The data enables recruitment agencies to identify how many candidates are available for a certain position, how many candidates who have experience in a similar role, how many roles that require the candidate to have similar skill sets and how competitive the role that their client is trying to fill at the moment. A good hiring agency is then able to provide clients with realistic expectations on how soon can a position be filled. This would give business owners more realistic sensing of how they should execute their business contingency plans.

Help craft a strong and fitting job description.

Although this may seem like a non-issue, a strong and robust job description is the initial screening process that would help you define suitable and unsuitable candidates. Weak job descriptions are costly because they might likely attract the wrong candidates in the recruitment process. In most cases, employers fail to effectively convey the requirements that they need in a candidate such as qualifications, skills, characteristics and experience. A good recruiter will be able to advise them and distil the employer’s idea of a “perfect candidate” to one that’s more realistic and deliver you the best person for the job. 

Provide creative solutions to unprecedented problems.

The pandemic taught many businesses to remain creative in solving their business problems. For hiring managers, they have to decide what type of hiring initiative could help businesses stay afloat during tough times. A good recruitment agency provides you with the least risky option that employers should take. For example, a discerning recruitment agency could offer you interim solutions as alternatives to help you manage your present workload as you ease into full capacity as the economy begins to recover. 

Why You Should Consult Recruiters

The recruitment process can be a long and dreaded task for talent acquisition and hiring managers alike. This is why many smart business owners rely on the help of a recruitment agency to help cut the recruitment process short. Business owners also rely on the advice given by recruitment agencies in deciding the best hiring initiative they could take to continue operations and adapt quickly to the recovering economy. 

Should you need help or hiring advice, our recruiters at BGC Group are always ready to help with the best fit solution. Click here and tell us what we can do to help you!