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The Truth: What is A Manpower Outsourcing Firm and How Does It Work?

Let’s get technical! What exactly is does the term outsourcing means to businesses? Outsourcing is a process where a company enter into an agreement with a third-party vendor to perform specific parts of the business operations. 

So what exactly do manpower outsourcing firms do?

A manpower outsourcing firm usually acts as the sole intermediator that handles the entire HR process between the employer and employee, from recruitment of candidates to complex payroll services. Such services are usually used in concurrent with projects or seasonal periods that require temporary and contract workforce.

So what advantages can a manpower outsourcing firm bring to the table?

1. Time-efficiency

Manpower Outsourcing Firm

The problem that many companies face is bulk manual HR administrative workload that is repetitive yet time-consuming or projects that require a large manpower headcount that cannot be handled by your current team alone. And that is where outsourcing comes in! Manpower outsourcing provides employers with an HR support process that allows you to reduce manpower and time spent on repetitive or tedious Human Resource work. By working with the experts, it can reduce your project timeline while increasing productive work outcomes.

2. Cost-efficiency

Manpower Outsourcing Firm

A huge consideration in every company’s mind: what is the cost of outsourcing vs handling it on our own? It can be cost-efficient in various ways! With an outsourcing firm, companies do not need to take on the cost of any extra hires needed to handle the increased HR workload. And the risk that comes with additional headcounts is transferred to the manpower outsourcing firm who will take on the medical and safety insurance on behalf of you.

With a huge network of eligible candidates, ability to scale and flexible operation structures, outsourcing firms are able to act as an effective intermediary between employers and jobseekers

3. Human Resource Expertise

Manpower Outsourcing Firm

Most manpower outsourcing firm evolved from a sole recruitment company to providing businesses with a diverse workforce while supporting various HR functions. We also serve customers from different industries with varying HR request, gathering insights on not just our candidates but clients as well. 

These diversified our expertise in areas that are not commonly handled in a human resource department allowing us to handle challenging HR circumstances with ease. This expertise also allows us to quicken the process of hiring & HR administration of projects, and provide clients with analysis of operational statistics of on-ground performances and customised service training for successful hires.

So If your team faces an additional bulk workload to handle for a short period of time or looking to reduce the repetitive work strain on employees, getting a manpower outsourcing firm may just be the relief you are looking for!