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Top Programming Language For IT Roles In Malaysia

Amidst IR 4.0, the demands for IT employees have been continuously on the rise across the globe and in Malaysia. With corporations shifting their focus to adapt to the technological disruptions brought forward by a global COVID-19 pandemic, the demands for competent programmers to cater to these changes became more eminent. 

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) chief executive officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmud, in 2018, noted that “We (Malaysia) have a cybersecurity workforce shortage of 10,000 and we need 20,000 (IT) professionals by 2020” Currently, the growing number of unfilled vacancies in the IT field proves the prediction to be true. 

At present, tech companies both local and international have difficulties securing talents because there is a shortage of candidates in this field as listed in TalentCorp Malaysia report 2020. With that said, the challenge for tech employers and recruiters to engage skilled IT professionals in Malaysia (eg. software engineers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, front-end developers, and other job titles) to work for their companies remains unanswered. 

At BGC, our IT recruitment specialists in Malaysia regularly engage employers with insights to identify and source gifted IT professionals that best match their job requirements. Because we understand what the market demands, we also share with potential candidates advice on initiatives that could be taken if they’re looking to build a career in information technology fit the criteria of skills that tech companies are looking for. 

One of the most crucial skills you must have before setting out to be an IT specialist is that you must speak the computer language. In this blog, we share the top programming languages that tech companies we work with are looking for in most of their IT professionals.

1. Javascript

Top programming language for web developers and software engineers

Javascript is pretty much the bread and butter of programming languages. Any software development or application development requires front-end programming and back-end programming with Javascript being one of the most popular ones. With languages like React and AngularJS for the front-end side of the application and languages like NestJS that are used to build the framework of the whole system. This type of module that relies on javascript is mostly popular with fintech companies that require a full-stack development from start to finish. Javascript also has important applications on web pages among them being storing values into variables that can be programmed to connect strings and create a label. Javascript was also listed as top 10 on several lists such as PYPL popularity of programming languages and TIOBE index for August 2020.

Our tech recruiter at BGC Malaysia, Jack, noted that one of the hottest languages that are currently in significant demand by tech companies is Javascript with both local and international organizations offering positions like AngularJS, NodeJS, NestJS developer and many more.

Fun fact: Among the famous applications that were built using javascript would be Facebook, Netflix, Uber and LinkedIn. These applications are known for their stability and adaptability.


2. Python

Best programming language for web development and writing machine learning scripts

If you are completely new to programming languages and are looking to start somewhere, we recommend you to explore Python.

Python has been gaining popularity recently because it is easier to use as compared to other programming languages. This is because python is one of the most beginner-friendly languages when compared to other programming languages. Instead of using columns, programmers use English keywords to program their commands in their lines. This means that mastering Python isn’t as complicated and challenging as mastering other programming languages. 

Python is also known for its versatility which means that it can be used for basically anything. Heavy tech corporations like Instagram, Google and Facebook use Python to build part of their software stack because it is so convenient and adaptable to other languages. Because of this, many tech startups in Malaysia are looking for front-end and back-end developers who are proficient in Python. This is due to the fact that the coding process used by python programmers is generally faster.

Learning Python also opens doors for you to explore careers in other fields. Data analysts use python on a day to day basis to meet the duties set by their companies. Among the roles at BGC that require Python skills include Data Scientists and Information System Analyst.

Fun fact: Software like Autodesk, Ubuntu, Torrent and Appjar were built using python.


3. C

Top programming language for computer engineers and developers

Without question, C is one of the toughest programming languages to master which tops our IT recruitment agency’s talent search list in Malaysia. This is because this program requires a system to have a background in computer memory mechanism. C programming basically compiles source code and links it to the designated object files. The general use of C is basically to support an already existing, structured system, programming stack, lexical variable scope, and recursion. Languages like C++ and Java were developed from C. This language is largely used in embedded systems. One of the most prominent functions of C language is that it is often used to write operating systems. With major international investors such as Intel, Microsoft and Apple are currently looking to expand their system developers team, it is considered as one of the most valuable programming languages to pick up.

Among the programs that are C were built on would be Microsoft windows kernel system, Linux Kernel, Mac kernel, Android and IOS operating system. 

4. Java

Top programming language for software engineers

Java is a programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. To put it simply, Java is a simpler version of C in the sense that it is easier to use as compared to C and C++. The lines that were compiled on Java can be run on almost any platform. 

In layman terms, Java can be seen as somewhat a plugin that can be used to run an external line of code in your existing program despite being a platform-independent language because Java itself works as a platform in most instances. Applications of Java extends to various fields from Banking, Retail, Financial Services, Big Data and many others. Big finance corporations are looking for Java programmers to code a program that could help them automate the transactions done daily.

Twitter, Spotify, Cashapp are among the famous applications that were coded using Java.

5. C#

Top programming language for windows application and software development

C# is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 2000 with its latest version released last year. Most programmers would define C# as highly expressive yet simple to learn. Programmers who are familiar with C and C++ would be able to recognize C# efficiently because the language carries several similarities. C# carries a multi-paradigm, general purpose, object, and component-oriented coding discipline. This language is mostly used to develop web applications, desktop applications and web services. Although this language is mostly used by game developers to develop games, it can be used to develop a peer to peer file sharing system which can help e-bankers develop their business in the sense that data storage and collaboration between peers could be made simpler.

So there! These are 5 most highly sought after programming languages that are currently in high demand in Malaysia. These languages have such extended applications towards various industries that it won’t only guarantee to secure you a job, but it will also guarantee your placement throughout this decade. 

Are you interested in a career within IT? Check out some of our current vacancies in Malaysia here. Don’t have what you’re looking for yet? Make a resume drop on BGC Malaysia, so that our IT specialists recruiters can support you in keeping an eye out for something that could fit your profile in the future.