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Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency In Malaysia

Sourcing for the right candidates can prove to be a long drawn challenge. From no shows to unqualified applicants, the hassle of it can sometimes be extremely draining to hiring managers! This matter will disrupt the productivity of the hiring department which in turn will reflect on the company as a whole in the sense that more focus and time is invested during the recruitment process. This often explains why most companies in Malaysia would use a recruitment agency such as BGC to deal with the tedious early stages of their recruitment process.

So, what makes the recruitment process a difficult process, to begin with? Let us run you through what a typical recruitment process looks like. 

  1. HR receives a job brief and crafts a job profile based on their understanding
  2. HR advertises open job vacancies on multiple (often costly) online platforms
  3. Hundreds of candidates submit a resume on the job posting
  4. HR screens through resumes received on multiple platforms
  5. HR arranges interviews for shortlisted candidates to go through interview and feedback processes with various decision makers
  6. Hiring manager gives the green light to hire a candidate
  7. HR conducts background and reference checks on the selected candidate
  8. HR drafts the job offer to be approved
  9. HR negotiates the offer of employment with the candidate(s)
  10. HR places the new employee  and onboards once both hiring managers and candidates are happy with the terms offered

*Note: If the shortlisted candidate ghosts or drops off at any stage, it is back to step 4. A responsible recruitment agency undertakes HR’s process from steps 1-10.

Now, these processes may seem simple enough but let’s break it down. The first process where the HR department posts vacant positions on online platforms. Posting job vacancies as an employer are pretty straightforward, basically, an employer would post vacancies on any platforms that they believe is appropriate to reach the right talent pool.

On free platforms like Facebook, employers in Malaysia would have no problem posting as many vacancies as they want to. Facebook is also a platform that allows recruiters to instantly send out a message to easily thousands of people. However, there are several setbacks of using free online platforms that need to be addressed, being:

–  These platforms may not offer a candidate pool that is suitable for niche types of roles (e.g. IT specialists or engineers). Highly skilled candidates who are passive job seekers may not be following these types of posts to look for vacancies.

–  Because the platform is free, there are about hundreds if not thousands of jobs posted on these free platforms daily. This causes an oversaturation of messages via free channels could potentially cause your job post to be overlooked, or spammed by hundreds of applicants with irrelevant skills. 

Cost savings on using job advertising channels

Here at BGC Malaysia, our recruitment team can provide solutions to the issues stated above by posting vacancies on various platforms both premium and free. Hiring managers or the HR department wouldn’t have to worry about allocating large budgets to buy expensive, ad-hoc job credits that are required on paid platforms like Jobstreet, LinkedIn, or Monster. 

Established recruitment agencies in Malaysia such as BGC manage hundreds of client vacancies and enjoy economies of scale when it comes to advertising across multiple channels targeted at your preferred pool of candidates. These job ads are often part of the recruitment agency’s value added services, as employers are only billed for each successful hire.


Time saved could be better spent on other HR activities

One of the hassles that an HR department faces during the recruitment process is that they would have to screen through the applications that were submitted by candidates. There is no leeway around this process. Each application must be reviewed thoroughly by the HR department to ensure that the candidates that are picked are a perfect match. Some job vacancies may attract hundreds of candidate resumes. This process can be a tedious task due to the fact that not all candidates that applied for such positions are relevant candidates.

Our recruiters at BGC can save time by doing the whole screening process for you, ensuring that every single candidate that is suggested is compatible with the job profile you asked for. By doing so, our recruiters are able to reduce your time spent on sourcing and screening while ensuring that you are happy with the calibre of our recommended candidates in terms of skills, personality, and experience. 

Improved speed to hire

Once screened candidates are shortlisted, each of them is required to undergo a formal interview process with the company. It sounds like a direct process, however, there are several challenges that employers face in this step. It is increasingly common for candidates in Malaysia to ghost employers in different interview stages for many various reasons. No shows put an employer at a loss and they would have to restart the screening process all over again. Not to mention, time wasted and credits spent now become HR’s sunk cost.    

Our policy protects you from these losses. At BGC, we provide employers with suitable candidates of their choosing and employers would not be charged until candidates are placed to work under the client employer. We also provide a placement guarantee of a candidate. This means that any candidate that is successfully placed under an employer will be under warranty, depending on the types of candidates. If a candidate left the company during this warranty period, employers will be provided with new candidates free of charge.

In ensuring that such issues do not take place, our recruiters are fully capable of preparing candidates, making sure that they fully comprehend the job requirements and are sincere about the opportunity before they go into an interview with any of our employers. Our recruitment team constantly keeps touch with our candidates to ensure that they are able to adapt to a new environment at your workplace!. With our help, you will never have to worry about making any costly hiring decisions with bad candidates!

Other Value-Added Services to support HR

Employers don’t only hire a recruitment agency to help with the hiring process, in fact, there are plenty of other services that a recruitment agency can provide.

Payroll outsourcing

One of the most popular services that employers enquire about at our recruitment agency in Malaysia is Payroll outsourcing. To put it simply, payroll outsourcing is one HR solution provided by some recruitment agencies which oversees all the administrative functions of HR (and sometimes finance) in paying your employees their salaries.

This service allows organisations to also place their employees under the hiring agency’s payroll as the official Employer of Record (EOR) if they prefer. Depending on the contract with the employers, payroll outsourcing can protect employers from any risk, financially, while still abiding by the Malaysian law. 

Speed, efficiency, cost and accuracy are some benefits using payroll outsourcing. Employers wouldn’t have to worry about the administrative part, such as filing, report, and avoiding compliance issues.

Workforce management

Workforce management refers to the process of calculating employee’s salaries and benefits accordingly. Our system allows real-time data collection and easy to use interface that makes salary calculations easier and more convenient. 

With our help, employers can have more flexibility to focus on other matters that could improve the productivity of the whole workforce.

Do you need help with handling any of your HR related headaches?  Reach out to BGC and we are more than happy to assist you. From manpower outsourcing to workforce management, we provide solutions to everything!