Working Abroad: To go or not to go?

When opportunity knocks and you’re presented a chance to pursue a career beyond the comforts of your home country… You’ve got a big decision laid on your plate. This is a decision that could even paralyse highly capable job seekers, causing them to lose an opportunity which may never present itself again for years. To help […]

Top Programming Language For IT Roles In Malaysia

Amidst IR 4.0, the demands for IT employees have been continuously on the rise across the globe and in Malaysia. With corporations shifting their focus to adapt to the technological disruptions brought forward by a global COVID-19 pandemic, the demands for competent programmers to cater to these changes became more eminent.  Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation […]

How to Kill Time Productively On Your Morning Commute

If you live in Malaysia, there is a high chance that your morning commute to work involves public transport. Instead of spending your morning ride doing sifting through YouTube or praying that the MRT will not break down. Plugin your earphones, fire those Spotify tunes, and follow our guide for more information on how you […]